Pinnacle Project Partners was founded in 1997 by Janet Howard, Tommy Doherty and Sally Wilson. They spotted an opportunity in the market for a company specialising in programme and project management. In the early years, clients included Bank of Ireland, Scottish Hydro Electric, Eircell and Prudential.

From 2000 through 2010 Pinnacle expanded its client network to include Aviva, Invesco, Elavon, O2, Payzone, Anglo Irish Bank, Depfa, Permanent TSB and AIB.

Marrita Kavanagh joined the company in 2003 and John Crowley joined as Managing Director in 2005.

2010 saw the beginning of a stream of engagements in the UK at Tesco Bank, Sainsbury’s Bank and Worldpay. These large engagements arose from the separation of these businesses from RBS and Lloyd’s Banking Group after the financial crisis. We also played a significant role in the development of Bank of Ireland’s businesses in the UK, including its joint venture with the UK Post Office.

Throughout the decade we continued to work with both Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB on a wide range of projects, including modernisation of their respective IT platforms. We have also assisted our customers deliver compliance projects to meet regulatory changes including MiFID, SEPA, CCMA, CCR, PSD2 and GDPR.

In 2017 we bade farewell to our founding Director Janet Howard on her retirement. Marrita Kavanagh became a Director of the company in the same year.

Today the Pinnacle story drives ahead.  We continue to offer our clients the skills and experience they need to help them to plan and deliver the critical initiatives required to sustain and grow their businesses.